Amrit Maan – Hype Lyrics In English (Translation)

Date: 2/11/2024

Hype Lyrics Meaning In English (Translation) is new Punjabi song sung by Amrit Maan and video is starring by Amrit Maan, Monico Santana. The music of this is brand new song is given by Deep Jandu and Hype song Lyrics beautifully written by Amrit Maan. The music video is released by Bamb Beats and is directed by B2Gether Pros. Get Hype song Lyrics English Translation along with their meaning from here.

Amrit Maan –  Hype Lyrics In English (Translation)

Hype Lyrics In English (Translation)

Deep Jandu!
Amrit Maan!

Deep Jandu!
Amrit Maan!

Ho Jatt Di Gaddi Paave Bharthu
Jeon Ghodi Daku Jagge Di
Ohne Saanu Message Kitta
Sadde Vi Pegg Lagge Si

The Jatt’s car is fully loaded
Like a horse of a dacoit
He messaged us
We also felt like partying

Ho Kaali Cadillac Jattiye
Na Karaan Look Back Jattiye
Ho Naaran Te Attack Jattiye
Ni Hoodie Aa Black Jattiye

The black Cadillac, girl
Don’t look back, girl
Attacking the girls
In a black hoodie, girl

Taan Hi Ajj Jachke Tyaar Ho Gaya
Tadke Hi Billo Gharo Bahar Ho Gaya
Ho Chhota Bhai Puchhda Ae Phone Karke
Lagda Ae Veere Tainu Pyar Ho Gaya

He’s ready to go after checking out today
He’s out of the house in a flash
The little brother asks over the phone
It seems, brother, you’ve fallen in love

Ho Phull Dandan Vich Tukkdi
Na Rokeyan Kise Ton Rukkdi
Oh Hor Ki Main Info Devan
Oh Mera Address Puchhdi

The piece in the pocket of the jacket
Won’t stop anyone from stopping
What other info do I need to give
She asks for my address

Mehnat Aa Kitti Koyi Black Ni Kari
Pegg Pugg Laye Aa Crack Ni Kari
Oh Aashiqui Ch Sadde Vi Asool Jattiye
Jani Khani Naal Kade Chat Ni Kari Na

I’ve worked hard, haven’t done anything shady
Got high without breaking a sweat
In love, we have our own rules, girl
Never chit-chat with randoms, girl

Ni Kade Taan Flat Hunde Aa
Ni Kole Cheque Fat Hunde Aa
Ni Athne Jehe Phone Na Kari
Ni Ohdon Jatt Tight Hunde Aa

Sometimes we’re flat broke
Sometimes the checks are bouncing
If they don’t pick up the phone
Then the Jatt is still tight

Gallan Gol Mol Tera Jhaka Pastol
Mainu Gair Kanooni Lagde
Aivein Jaani Na Malang
Jatt Surrey Wali Bhang
Chehra Jugnu Wangu Jagde

Your talk is twisty, like a riddle
Seems illegal to me
Just like a wandering sage
The Jatt is up like a Surrey guy
His face shines like a firefly

Munde Di Kude Rab Sunnde
Ni Taan Hi Cheez Bamb Chunnde
Ho Vairiyan Di Gall Patlo
Halle Vi Sadda Dubb Sunnde

The boys pray to the lord
They only choose the best
The enemy’s talk is nonsense
But they still hear our cries

Ek Dhoori Wal Da Ni
Dooja Manse Da Billo
Teeja Sheeni Waleya Rehnda

One is from a distance
The other from the heart, girl
The third one is from Sheeni

Saare Mere Yaar
Sacchi Saan Aa Rakaane
Jatt Jinna Kole Behnda

All my friends
Are true to their word
The Jatt is as close to them
As can be

Oh Link Sadde Aar Paar De
Oh Bas Gallan Naal Ni Saarde
Ni Kalli Tu Mandeer Na Jaani Na
Ni Chibh Kaddte Vyapaar De..

Our link is unbreakable
They don’t just talk, girl
You may not know the temple, girl
But you cut the business short

Aa Gaya Ni Ohi Billo Time
Deep Jandu!
Amrit Maan!

Here comes the same time again
Deep Jandu!
Amrit Maan!

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Hype Song Credits:

Song NameHype
Featuring Artists
LabelBamb Beats

Hype Music Video

Hype FAQs

Who sung the "Hype " song?

"Hype " Song is sung by "Amrit Maan".

Who written the "Hype " song?

"Hype " Song is written by "Amrit Maan".

Who is the Musician/Composer of the "Hype " song?

"Hype " Song music/composition done by "Deep Jandu".

Which Actors/Actress is starring/featuring "Hype " song?

"Hype " Song is starring/featuring "Amrit Maan, Monico Santana" in lead roles.

Who is the director of "Hype " song?

"Hype " Video Song is directed by "B2Gether Pros".

Which Music Company released the "Hype " song?

"Hype " Song is released under the label "Bamb Beats".