Anuv Jain – Husn Lyrics In English (Translation)

Anuv Jain - Husn Lyrics In English (Translation)

Meaning: The song lyrics express a yearning for love and understanding in a relationship. The repeated phrases "Dekho Dekho" emphasize the desire for attention and consideration. The mention of "Husn" highlights the impact of physical beauty on emotions. The singer laments unfulfilled love and seeks reciprocation, addressing the complexities of relationships, longing, and heartbreak.

Husn Lyrics In English Meaning & Translation

Haan Haan Haan Haan..

Yes, yes, yes, yes…

Dekho Dekho Kaisi Baatein Yahan Ki
Hai Saath Par Hain Saath Na Bhi
Kya Itni Aasaan Hai

Look, look at the talks here,
We’re together but not really together,
Is it so easy?

Dekho Dekho Jaise Mere Iraade
Waise Kahan Tere Yahan The
Haan Kitni Naadaan Main

Look, look at my intentions,
Where were yours like mine?
Yes, how naive of me.

Mere Husn Ke Alawa
Kabhi Dil Bhi Maang Lo Na
Haaye Pal Mein Main Pighal Jaaun Haan

Except for my beauty,
Sometimes ask for my heart too.
Oh, I might melt away in a moment.

Ab Aisa Na Karo
Ke Dil Judna Paye Wapis
Teri Baaton Se Bikhar Jaaun Haan

Now, don’t do this,
That my heart can’t reconnect.
I might shatter with your words.

Maana Zamaana Hai Deewaana
Isiliye Toone Na Jaana
Tere Liye Main Kaafi Hoon

Yes, the world is crazy,
That’s why you didn’t understand,
I am enough for you.

Dekho Dekho Yeh Zamaane Se Thak Kar
Aate Ho Kyun Masoom Bann Kar
Tere Liye Main Kya Hi Hoon

Look, look, tired of the world,
Why do you come here acting innocent?
What am I to you?

Aa Aa.. Phir Aate Kyun Yahan
Karne Aankhon Mein Ho Baarish
Ab Aaye Toh Thehar Jao Na

Ah, why do you come here again,
To make it rain in my eyes?
Now that you’re here, please stay.

Aur Puchho Na Zara
Mere Din Ke Baare Mein Bhi
Bas Itne Mein Sambhal Jaaun Haan

And don’t ask,
About my days too much,
Just let me handle it.

Haan Ek Din Kabhi Koyi
Jab Bhi Padhe Kahaani Teri

Yes, one day perhaps,
When someone reads your story.

Lagta Mujhe Mere Naam Ka
Zikr Kahin Bhi Hoga Nahi

It seems to me, my name
Won’t be mentioned anywhere.

Aa Aa Haan.. Main Yahin

Ah, ah, yes.. I’m right here.

Meri Yeh Aankhon Mein
Aankhon Mein Toh Dekho
Dekho Yeh Dil Ka Haal Kya

In my eyes,
Look into my eyes,
See what’s in my heart.

Hothon Se Hota Na Bayaan
Meri Yeh Aankhon Mein
Aankhon Mein Toh Dekho

Words can’t express it,
In my eyes,
Look into my eyes.

Kaisa Naseeb Hai Mera
Milke Bhi Na Mujhe Mila

What fate is mine,
Even after meeting, I haven’t really met.

Meri Yeh Aankhon Mein
Aankhon Mein Toh Dekho

In my eyes,
Look into my eyes.

Teri Adhoori Si Wafa
Maangu Main Maangu Aur Na

Your incomplete loyalty,
I ask for it, and yet not.

Meri Yeh Aankhon Mein
Aankhon Mein Toh Dekho

In my eyes,
Look into my eyes.

Dekho Dekho Kaisi Kheenchi Lakeerein
Chahe Bhi Dil Toh Bhi Na Jeete
Main Iss Daud Mein Nahi

Look, look at how the lines are drawn,
Even if the heart desires, it can’t win.
I’m not part of this race.

Dekho Dekho Kaisi Baatein Yahan Ki
Baatein Yahi Dekhun Jahan Bhi
Main Iss Daur Se Nahi

Look, look at the talks here,
Wherever I look, these are the talks I see.
I’m not from this era.

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Husn Music Video

Husn Lyrics In English (Translation) is a newly released Hindi song by Anuv Jain featuring Tejas Ravishankar and Vidushi Kaul. The music is composed by Angad Bahra and PUNA, with lyrics written by Anuv Jain. Anuv Jain has also directed the music video, released under the direction of Pankhuri Ranjan. For English speakers, the English translation of the song’s lyrics is available.

Husn Song Credits:
Song: Husn
Singer: Anuv Jain
Lyricist: Anuv Jain
Music: Angad Bahra, PUNA
Starring: Tejas Ravishankar, Pankhuri Ranjan
Director: Vidushi Kaul
Label: Anuv Jain

Husn Song - FAQS

Who sung the "Husn" song?

"Husn" Song is sung by "Anuv Jain" .

Who Written the "Husn" song?

"Husn" Song is written by "Anuv Jain" .

Which Actors/Actress is Starring/featuring "Husn" song?

"Husn" Song is Starring/featuring "Tejas Ravishankar, Pankhuri Ranjan" in lead role.

Who is the director of "Husn" song?

"Husn" Video Song is Directed by "Vidushi Kaul" .

Which Music Company is released "Husn" song?

"Husn" Song is Released under the Label " Anuv Jain " .