Imran Khan – Deposit Lyrics in English (Translation)

Meaning: The song lyrics describe the artist’s confidence, success, and uniqueness in the music industry. They boast about their skills, express a fearless attitude, and claim to be incomparable. The lyrics also touch upon themes of speed, aggression, and a carefree lifestyle, with references to luxury cars and a sense of being untamed. Additionally, there are mentions of famous figures like IK07, Freddy Krueger, and Makaveli, adding a touch of pop culture to the narrative. Overall, the lyrics convey a bold and self-assured persona in the world of music.

Deposit Lyrics English Translation

Aawange Ni Jado Billo Lawiye Na Der
Munda Main The Hague Dawan Howa Reappear
Gaane Sadde Ajj Jiven Paindi Hai Chaped
Zero Competition Kripya Kare Na Compare

Will come, when, darling, you won’t delay
I’m the guy from The Hague, preparing to reappear
Our songs today hit like slaps
Zero competition, kindly don’t compare

Sadde Naal Ve Tu Karyi Na Bahota Jyada Na Interfere
Aaga Ni Lada Saare Ni Passe Mitti Te Dawa Main Tel
Lakh Baari Pawein Copy Karle Ne Ho Jande Ne Ae Fail
Loka Ne Kita Bada Ve Sannu Under Nhi Estimate
Sadde Wangu Hai Industry Vich Aavega Na Koi Fer

Don’t mess with us too much or interfere
Ahead, I fight everyone’s with me, soil and medicine, I’m the oil
Copied a hundred thousand times, yet they fail
People have done a lot, but they can’t estimate us
In our industry, there won’t be anyone like us again

Ik07 Aunda Baby Jungle Da Hi Hai Sher
Sense Na Kar Sakde Aa Saare Aisa Na Koi Player
Ucchiya Speedan Gaddi Diya Ne Todh Dawa Main Gear
Front Te Rehndi Hai Har Wele Nazra Wekhiye Na Rear

IK07 (Imran Khan) is coming he’s the lion of the jungle
No one can sense it, there’s no player like this
High-speed, the car’s gears break under my medicine
Always in front, never look at the rear

Sannu Ki Lage Ki Hai Sochan Karan Na Really Care
Lambiya Laina Lag Gaiya Ne Lashan Da Ve Dher
Re-Incarnated Makaveli, Na Koi Shakespeare
Aena Nu Aawe Na Koi Val Ne, Tere Vasdi Na Game
Aithe Nawe Koi Strong Hai Baby Saare Feather Like Weight

What do we care about people’s opinions?
Taking long, heaps of bodies have piled up
Reincarnated like Makaveli, no one like Shakespeare
No one can match him the game is not in your control
Here, no one is strong everyone is as light as a feather

Assa Dudh Mein Peeta Te Badamma Di Aa Plate
Aa Gaye Peyo Ve Tera Band Te Wekha Gate
Aawange Ni Jade Freddy Krueger Nightmare
Enna Nu Main Dawa Super Comboshow Ka Flame
Girl Teri Scream Kare Roj Sadda Name
Thoda Main Aggressive Baby Wild Te Untamed

We drink milk and eat almonds on a plate
Your band has arrived, and we’ve seen the gate
We’ve come, like Freddy Krueger, a nightmare
I claim this, super combo show, a flame
Your girl will scream our name every day
I’m a bit aggressive, wild and untamed

Gaadi Buggati 400 Speed Te Jandi Aa Ni Ve Tez
Always On The Perfect Timing Kadi Na Aawan Late
Aankhan Ne Saddiya Band Ni Billo, Fully Mila Awake
Na Karan Wait!

Bugatti car, reaching a speed of 400, very fast
Always on perfect timing, never late
Eyes are not closed, darling, fully awake
Don’t wait!

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Deposit Song Credits:

ArtistImran Khan
LyricistImran Khan
CastImran Khan
LabelImran Khan

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Deposit FAQs

Who sung the "Deposit" song?

"Deposit" Song is sung by "Imran Khan".

Who written the "Deposit" song?

"Deposit" Song is written by "Imran Khan".

Who is the Musician/Composer of the "Deposit" song?

"Deposit" Song music/composition done by "Chahid".

Which Actors/Actress is starring/featuring in the "Deposit" song?

"Deposit" Song is starring/featuring "Imran Khan" in lead roles.

Who is the director of the "Deposit" song?

"Deposit" Video Song is directed by "Toxic".

Which Music Company released the "Deposit" song?

"Deposit" Song is released under the label "Imran Khan".