Jerry – Icon Lyrics In English (Translation)

Icon Lyrics Meaning In English (Translation) is new Punjabi song sung by Jerry. The music of this is brand new song is given by Lou-Two and Icon song Lyrics beautifully written by Jerry. The music video is released by Jerry and is directed by AFN Productions. Get Icon song Lyrics English Translation along with their meaning from here.

Icon Lyrics In English (Translation)

Ho Gaddi Kardi Sneeze
Mainu Kardi Please
Thandi Waggdi Breeze
Sohni Karti Freeze

She drives the car, makes me sneeze
Asking me, please
Cool breeze blowing
She makes it freeze

Oh Rab Laayi Poori Reejh
Munde Next Azeez
Full Italy Drip
Ankh Kardi Aa Tease

Oh, fulfilling all wishes
Next to me, my dear
Dripping like Italy
Her eyes tease

Oh Paaye Landon’on Ne Wheel
Munde Vich Kude Feel
Ohvi Jhuk Jhuk Takke
Paayi Unchi Jihne Heel

She rides with style in London
Feeling the vibe in the car
Even the heels bow down
To the one who’s high

Kihne Kari Jaande Deal
Oh Ni Karde Reveal
Kude Icon Aa Munda
Iconic Aa Feel

Who’s making the deal?
Oh, don’t reveal
This guy is an icon
Feeling iconic

High End Aa Crease
Lagge Mehngi Kude Fees
Hai Ni Mitran Di Rees
Munde Labhde Aa Piece

High-end creases in her attire
Looks expensive, her fees
She’s the envy of others
Finding a match for us

Ho Sadda Chal Da Prime
Naam Kari Jaanda Shine
Jehdi Wali Hella Fine
Ohvi Suttdi Aa Line

Our journey is prime
Our name shines
The one who’s incredibly fine
Still draws the line

Oh Wadhu Dayi Da Ni Time
Zyada Rahiye Offline
Bahutan Scene Te Na Jaiye
Aivein Wadhda Crime Aa

Our time is valuable
Stay more offline
Don’t get into unnecessary scenes
Don’t commit a crime like that

Oh Assi Machde Ni Kade
Lokki Karde Aa Saada
Aapa Bande Hi Ni Maade
Kiwe Hoju Sadda Maada

We never lose
People consider us mad
We are not ordinary
How can we be insane?

Jehde Lagde Sadde Naal
Jeda Sochan Dobaara
Ho Ke Aun Team Up
Jatt Kalla Pawe Bhara

Those who are with us
Think twice
Come, team up
The Jatt is loaded

Jatt Hon Na Define
Thoda Wakhra Design
Munde Paper’an Ton Bina
Hoye Rabb Naal Sign

Jatt can’t be defined
A bit different in design
Without papers
Signed with God

Oh Munde Poore High Rate
Kehdi Gall Di Debate
Badi Lambi Kude Wait
Je Tu Karna Aa Date

We are on a high level
What’s there to debate?
A long wait
If you want a date

Je Tu Karna Aa Date
Pher Tu Karna Aa Hate
Karaan Facts Spit
Jivein Karda Ae Tate

If you want a date
Then you’ll hate
I spit facts
Like a Tate

Aivein Wadhu Stress
Meri Ex Si Mess
Aivein Hoyi Obsess
Aappe Kitta Confess

Don’t stress unnecessarily
My ex was a mess
I became obsessed
Confessed on my own

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Icon Song Credits:

DirectorAFN Productions

Icon Music Video

Icon FAQs

Who sung the "Icon" song?

"Icon" Song is sung by "Jerry".

Who written the "Icon" song?

"Icon" Song is written by "Jerry".

Who is the Musician/Composer of the "Icon" song?

"Icon" Song music/composition done by "Lou-Two".

Who is the director of the "Icon" song?

"Icon" Video Song is directed by "AFN Productions".

Which Music Company released the "Icon" song?

"Icon" Song is released under the label "Jerry".