Ramachari Komanduri – Mawaa Enthaina Lyrics In English (Translation)

Mawaa Lyrics Meaning In English (Translation) is new Telugu song from Guntur Kaaram movie and the song is sung by Ramachari Komanduri, Sri Krishna, Rahul Sipligunj and video is starring by Mahesh Babu, Meenakshi Chaudhary. The music of this is brand new song is given by Thaman. S and Mawaa song Lyrics beautifully written by Ramajogayya Sastry. The music video is released by Aditya Music and is directed by Trivikram. Get Mawaa song Lyrics English Translation along with their meaning from here.

Mawaa Enthaina Lyrics In English (Translation)

Mawaa Enthaina Parledhu Bill’u
Manasu Baaledhu Esesthaa Full’u
Gunde Lothullo Guchindhi Mullu
Cheppukoleni Baadhe Double’u

Mother doesn’t say no, dear
The heart doesn’t accept, I’m completely stubborn
In the heart’s pit, it’s hidden away
The untold pain, it’s a double blow

Maaripoye Lokam Cheddolantha Ekam
Naazukaina Naabotodiki
Dina Dinamoka Narakam

In the world that’s fading, the only thing surviving
Is the delicate soul’s shelter
Every day, it’s like a hellish cycle

Yaado Ledu Lopam
Naa Meede Naa Kopam
Andananna Aakashiniki
Enthakani Egabadatham

There’s no memory left
Of anger towards me
Even though the sky
Might seem endless



Aa Evvarikevvaru Aiynollantu
Vunnagaani Lere
Eh Vaavi Varasha Peru Pilupu
Anni Noti Chivare

To anyone and everyone
We’re not just ordinary
Oh, the rain of tears calls out names
Every drop whispers

Eh Visigu Putti Inkipoye
Kanlallo Kannire
Itu Thirigi Chudu Manaki Maname
One And Only Lover’eh

From this corner, breaking through
Tears in the eyes
Look back now, we are ourselves
The one and only lover



Sarra Sarra Soolam
Surrantathi Kaaram

Swift, swift the stairs
Sharp-edged steps

Eh Rappa Ra Pappa Rappa
Rapa Rapa Ripappa..

Eh Rappa Ra Pappa Rappa
Rapa Rapa Ripappa..

Inapa Suvvaa Kavuku Dhebba
Iragadhise Ravana Dhebba Oee

Hey, hoist up the umbrella high
The never-ending rain won’t stop, oh

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Mawaa Song Credits:

AlbumGuntur Kaaram
ArtistRahul Sipligunj, Ramachari Komanduri, Sri Krishna
LyricistRamajogayya Sastry
MusicianThaman. S
CastMahesh Babu, Meenakshi Chaudhary
LabelAditya Music

Mawaa Music Video

Mawaa FAQs

Who sung the "Mawaa" song?

"Mawaa" Song is sung by "Rahul Sipligunj, Ramachari Komanduri, Sri Krishna".

Who written the "Mawaa" song?

"Mawaa" Song is written by "Ramajogayya Sastry".

Who is the Musician/Composer of the "Mawaa" song?

"Mawaa" Song music/composition done by "Thaman. S".

Which Actors/Actress is starring/featuring in the "Mawaa" song?

"Mawaa" Song is starring/featuring "Mahesh Babu, Meenakshi Chaudhary" in lead roles.

Who is the director of the "Mawaa" song?

"Mawaa" Video Song is directed by "Trivikram".

Which Music Company released the "Mawaa" song?

"Mawaa" Song is released under the label "Aditya Music".