Real Boss – Murder Lyrics In English (Translation)

Real Boss - Murder Lyrics In English (Translation)

Meaning: The song depicts the struggles and triumphs of the artist, highlighting themes of hard work, success, and facing enemies. The lyrics talk about overcoming challenges, staying true to oneself, and achieving prosperity. The artist addresses misconceptions, emphasizes self-defense, and expresses confidence in facing any fears. The narrative revolves around the artist's journey, reputation, and resilience against adversaries, making it a powerful anthem of self-empowerment.

Murder Lyrics English Translation

Hey Yo!

Hey Yo!

Meri Mangde Kyon Maut Mere Vairi
Dasu Sachiyan Sun Layin Kalli Kehri Chhup Karke Ni
Meri Mangde Kyon Maut Mere Vairi

Why do my enemies desire my death?
Tell me the truth, who’s silently plotting against me?
Why do my enemies desire my death?

Pehli Gall Ke Kisse Naal Mel Jol Nahi Mera
Bade Kaaran Dunghe Aa Tahin Dhakkeya Chehra

Firstly, there’s no connection or understanding with anyone
Many reasons, my face is veiled with challenges

Ni Kalla Tureya Kalle Ne Raah Vakhre Banaye
Meri Dekh Ke Tarakki Firde Aa Ghabraye

I walk alone, forging my own path
Seeing my progress, others become anxious

Dil Laun Layi Vehal Nahi Samaa Gaun Layi Hi Kaddaan
Waang Bakiyan De Palle Na Main Label-An Ton Addaan

Not anxious to achieve, but anxious in fear
To gain attention, I don’t rely on labels

Veham Kadde Geetkari Yaari Kaante Bandeyan Na
Paisa Shareaam Chaapde Aan Maade Dhandeyan Naal

I’ve dispelled the illusions, true friendship with sharp individuals
Money is printed in the markets, along with illegal dealings

Aina De Dilan Ch Khaar Te Zamane Mera Naam
Gall Bane Na Mere Jeena Hoya Aa Haraam

In these hearts, there are thorns, and my name echoes in the world
Living becomes forbidden, if I am defeated

Bhukh Nang Jina De Palle Khed’de Siyastan
Te Thandi Chaal Di Nishani Lagiyan Virastan

Surviving on empty stomachs, playing politics
The sign of a calm demeanor and cold footsteps

Jina Pichhe Jande Oh Mere Pichhe Aa Jandiyan
Mainu Den Aake Paise Ena Kolon Khandiyan

Those who follow, they come behind me
Bringing money to me, they are at my doorstep, begging

Te Kare Self-Defense Lagga Rehnda Dabb Naal
Jinu Kehnde Eh Daudaan Mere Layi Oh Mathi Chaal

And they stay on self-defense mode with pressure
Those who claim to run for me, they don’t have the courage

Maame Chase Te Velly Da Pair Race Te Gaddi Ch Baitha
Chhapaan Geet Naa Hi Fikar Koi Face Te Ni Meri

Police (Uncle) chases, the enemy’s foot, a race in the car
No worries about songs or facing anyone, not a concern for me

Likhat Sifat Dil Di Ni
Bhukhi Rakhaan Dil Ch Na
Kohr Bhawein Bolbani Rukhi

I write with sincerity, not just with the pen
Keeping hunger in my heart, not in my words
Speaking with modesty and restraint

Ehna Gallan Ton Sarhan Eh Sapp Saale Zehri
Meri Mangde Kyu Maut Mere Vairi

These things are better left unsaid; they are venomous
Why do my enemies desire my death?

Dasu Sachiyan Sun Layin Kalli Kehri
Chup Karke Ni Mangde Kyon Maut Mere Vairi

Tell me the truth, who’s silently plotting against me?
Why do my enemies desire my death?

Pind Baitheyan Surrey Ch Hath Haula Kar Daiye
Jatt Dollar Te Anti Mere Sare Aa Rupaiye

Sitting in the village, stirring up trouble in Surrey
I, the Jatt, am worth more than all the dollars and anti-corruption movements

Akhan Chadiyan Tadiyan Karan Ni Dindiyan
Ni Auna Yaar Tere Jiniyan Mathe Te Bindiyan

Eyes raised, doing without giving
Your friend is worth as much as the bindi on the forehead

Te Hath Pyaar Nu Paun Na Den Hath Ghadiyan
Ni Gallan Foreign-Korun Jahiyan Full Radiyan

And don’t let your hands reach out for love, they’re busy with vehicles
Foreigners talk the talk but are all empty talk

Te Boss Game Ch Ni Auna Game Host Karuga
Khauf Kise Da Ni Bas Ik Rabb Ton Daruga

And I won’t be in the boss’s game, I’ll host the game
I fear no one, I only fear God.

Maithon Bada Kujh Enna Ton Puchh Ni Puchh Ni
Ni Jaake Kedi Gallon Jatt Ko Kuch Ni

Don’t ask too much about me, don’t ask
Don’t even think about approaching me

Mere Palle Aa Mehnat Kayi Dalleyan De Tukka Dad Chart Ch
Jatt De Maal Challda Aa Sukha Pith Lagan Ni Deni

I’ve put in a lot of hard work, hit the target many times
The Jatt’s business is flourishing, won’t spare any dry wounds

Dindi Kalam Guarantee Chehra Dise Na
Ke Challde Sadi Aa Haje Chhaanti Maut Karke

The pen gives a guarantee, the face doesn’t show
That our words are still moving, facing death head-on.

Crush Nit Fookda Shoot Da Tere Shehar Naam
Jatt Da Raula Rehndi Baali Kook Da

Crush it all, the city knows my name
There’s a riot wherever the Jatt goes

Pair Khatre Ch Dino Dini Jaan Khubi
Mere Kayi Vadde Aa Star-An De Paye Aa Kale Ghere

In danger, every day, my life is full of adventures
I have achieved the status of many big stars, surrounded by dark circles.

Jua Zindagi Meri Main Khulle Dil Nal Khed-An
Dilon Challke Lokaan Nal Khake Baitha Vadda Thedda

Life is like gambling for me, playing openly with a generous heart
Playing with people’s hearts, the game is intense

Bol Tar Jande Patte Te Nachan Goliyan
Ni Nikka Naam Mera Devil Te Tuhi Bholi Aan

Speak, and the leaves tremble, bullets dance
My name is Devil, and you’re the innocent one.

Te Gall Mukni Ni Meri Galbaat Aisi Kari
Har Shehar Sampark Ch Rakhaan Ik Pari

And my talk doesn’t end, I speak in such a way
Every city, I keep a connection like a fairy

Bade Chakkran Kaaran Jind Langhu Kalli Kehri
Meri Mangde Kyu Maut Mere Vairi

Because of many twists and turns, life becomes a challenge
Why do my enemies desire my death?

Dasu Sachiyan Sun Layin Kalli Kehri Chup Karke Ni
Mangde Kyon Maut Mere Vairi

Tell me the truth, who’s silently plotting against me?
Why do my enemies desire my death?

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Murder Music Video

Murder Lyrics In English (Translation) meaning is new Punjabi song sung by Real Boss. The music of this is brand new song is given by Lay Low Snoop and Murder song Lyrics written by Real Boss. The music video is released by Thugnation Studios. Get Murder song Lyrics English Translation along with their meaning from here.

Murder Song Credits:
Song: Murder
Singer: Real Boss
Lyricist: Real Boss
Music: Lay Low Snoop
Label: Thugnation Studios

Murder Song - FAQS

Who sung the "Murder" song?

"Murder" Song is sung by "Real Boss" .

Who Written the "Murder" song?

"Murder" Song is written by "Real Boss" .

Which Music Company is released "Murder" song?

"Murder" Song is Released under the Label " Thugnation Studios " .