Shankar Mahadevan – Veera Raja Veera Lyrics In English (Translation)

Shankar Mahadevan - Veera Raja Veera Lyrics In English (Translation)

Veera Raja Veera Lyrics Meaning In English (Translation) is new Tamil song from PS 2 movie and the song is sung by Shankar Mahadevan, K. S.Chithra, Harini and video is starring by Jayam Ravi, Sobhita Dhulipala. The music of this is brand new song is given by A.R. Rahman and Veera Raja Veera song Lyrics beautifully written by Ilango Krishnan. The music video is released by Tips Music and is directed by Mani Ratnam. Get Veera Raja Veera song Lyrics English Translation along with their meaning from here.

Veera Raja Veera Lyrics In English (Translation)

Kaaneero Neer Kaan
Have you seen the water, oh eyes?
Shola Vetri Vaazh
Live, oh victorious flame!
Ondrai Kaaneero
Have you seen loneliness?

Oar Alagiya Poove
Oh unique beautiful flower!
Are you a cool breeze?
Malaridu Po Sagi
Blossom and shower flowers.

Veera Raja Veera
Brave king, brave!
Soora Dheera Soora
Heroic, brave hero!
Veezha Sozha Veera
Victorious, valorous king!
Seeraar Gyanlam Vaazha
May the wise live long.
Vaarai Vaagai Sooda
Oh strong wind, blow!

Thoduvor Pagaipporai
Step onto the battlefield.
Nadugal Serkkum Veera
Brave one who conquers battles.
Maara Kaadhal Maara
Tree-like love, oh brave one!
Poovor Yengum Dheera
Brave one among flowers.

Paavor Potrum Veera
Brave one who spreads fame.
Udaivaal Arai Thanga
Gold in the sky’s chariot.
Paruthol Puvi Thanga
Gold on the cotton-like earth.
Valava Emai Aala
Like the strength of a spear.

Varuvaai Kalam Yera
Time will come, pass away.
Aayiram Vezham Pola
Like a thousand spans.
Porkkalam Serum Sozha
The battlefield will end, oh brave!
Vendha Raja Raja
Victorious king, king!
Vaarai Vaagai Sooda
Oh strong wind, blow!

Viraliyar Gaanam Paada
Sing the song of the brave.
Kanigaiyar Nadanam Aada
Dance the dance of the divine.
Pavaiyar Kulavi Poda
Let the female warrior go.
Parithear Sagadamada
Let the celebration happen.

Alaimel Kadhirai Pola
Like a peacock in the sky.
Vilangidum Aruma Deva
The fierce god who conquers.
Padaiyani Perumai Saatra
With the glory of the warrior.
Pulavargal Thamizhum Theera
The Tamils will triumph.

Kadal Mel Puyalaipola
Like the waves on the sea.
Kalangal Viraindhu Paaya
Crossing the tumultuous times.
Vannalai Seeraatta
Like a rainbow in the sky.
Thenpulam Yegum Veera
Oh brave one in the southern land!

Kootraagi Sel Kaatraagi Sel
Unity will win, victory will win.
Sara Sara Sara Saravena
Every step, every moment.
Velmazhai Thaan Peidhida
Will yield golden fruits.
Para Para Para Paravena
Every word, every song.

Payattum Paaimaram
Will echo like the roaring tree.
Aa Aa Aa…
Aa Aa Aa…

Maravargal Veeram Kana
Witness the valor of warriors.
Samuddhiram Veruvi Pogum
Prosperity will spread.
Uruviya Vaalaik Kandu
Seeing the city’s fortress.
Piraimadhi Naanipogum
With intellect blossoming.

Edhirigal Udihiram Serndhu
With enemies uniting.
Kuthikadal Vannam Maarum
The ocean’s color will change.
Udhirthidum Pagaivar Dhegam
The warrior’s spirit will rise.
Kadalukku Annamaagum
And be offered to the sea.

Pulimagan Veeram Kandu
Witness the valor of the tiger.
Pagaippulam Sidhari Odum
The battlefield will be tamed.
Saramzhayi Peidhal Kandu
Seeing righteousness emerging.
Kadal Alayi Karaikku Odum
And reaching the shore.

Adada Perum Veera
Oh great, brave one!
Edada Thudi Vaazhai
Oh, the one with a powerful spear!
Thodada Sara Maalai
Oh, the one with a victorious garland!
Aduda Pagaivorai
Oh, the one with endless fame!

Em Thamizh Vaazhga Vaazhga
Hail, oh Tamil! Hail, hail!
Veera Sozham Vaazhga
Hail, the culture of the brave!
Natramizh Vaazhga Vaazhga
Hail, oh classical Tamil! Hail, hail!
Nallor Dhesam Vaazhga
Hail, the land of the good!

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Veera Raja Veera Music Video

Veera Raja Veera Song Credits:
Song: Veera Raja Veera
Movie: PS 2
Singer: Shankar Mahadevan, Harini, K. S. Chithra
Lyricist: Ilango Krishnan
Music: A.R. Rahman
Starring: Jayam Ravi
Director: Mani Ratnam
Label: Tips Music

Veera Raja Veera Song - FAQS

Who sung the "Veera Raja Veera" song?

"Veera Raja Veera" Song is sung by "Shankar Mahadevan, Harini, K. S. Chithra" .

Who Written the "Veera Raja Veera" song?

"Veera Raja Veera" Song is written by "Ilango Krishnan" .

Which Actors/Actress is Starring/featuring "Veera Raja Veera" song?

"Veera Raja Veera" Song is Starring/featuring "Jayam Ravi" in lead role.

Who is the director of "Veera Raja Veera" song?

"Veera Raja Veera" Video Song is Directed by "Mani Ratnam" .

Which Music Company is released "Veera Raja Veera" song?

"Veera Raja Veera" Song is Released under the Label " Tips Music " .