Blue Star – Railin Oligal Lyrics In English (Translation)

Meaning: The song lyrics express emotions related to love and the longing for someone special. The singer talks about the touch of their loved one’s hand, the beauty of their hometown, and the various experiences and challenges in life. The repeated refrain “Anbe Anbe” emphasizes the theme of love, suggesting a deep and enduring affection.

Railin Oligal Lyrics English Translation

Railin Oligal Unaiye Tedudhe
Adirum Paraiyay Idayam Adudhe
Undhan Kai Visidhum Poy Jadai Ennai
Edhen Thottathil Visudhe
Un Oor Thandidum Reyil Palam Mel
En Boomi Mutintu Vidudhae

The Waves Of Desire Are Reaching Towards You
The Heart Beats Louder Than The Drum
When Your Hand Touches, My Heart Races
What Magic Is There In That Touch
Like The Wind That Spreads Across Your Town
I Spread Over My Land

En Tayodum Kuradha
Varttaikkul Naan Nindhuren Kandhuren

My Longing For You
In The Realm Of Words, I Reside, I Listen And Feel

Kana-Kkanum Porvai-Kkul
Kalatu Adai-Kakkuren Tekkuren
Manmelodum Mannaithanni
Pol Nalum Nilamaruren Tururen

In Your Eyes That Can See The Unseen
I Walk With Confident Steps
In The Heart’s River Of Sweetness
Like A Moonlight That Dispels Darkness

Payakinra Nencukku
Pal-Parva Ni Vakkura Kakkura
Kodi Vaasangal
Ennai Thindi Ponalum

To The Wandering Mind
I Bring Celebrations And Joy
Like A Flag Flying High
Even If Consumed By The Flag

Uyirai Tindadho Unvaasam
Boomi Thirdhaalum Thiradha
Raiyil Padhai Kadhal Ondre Anbe

Will Your Fragrance Consume My Soul?
Even If The Earth Shakes, I Won’t Move
In The Path Of Love, My Beloved

Anbe Anbe Anbe Anbe
Anbe Anbe Anbe Anbe

Love, Love, Love, Love
Love, Love, Love, Love

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Railin Oligal Song Credits:

SongRailin Oligal
AlbumBlue Star
ArtistPradeep Kumar, Shakthisree Gopalan
LyricistUma Devi
MusicianGovind Vasantha
CastAshok Selvan, Keerthi Pandian
DirectorS. Jayakumar
LabelThink Music India

Railin Oligal Music Video

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Railin Oligal FAQs

Who sung the "Railin Oligal" song?

"Railin Oligal" Song is sung by "Pradeep Kumar, Shakthisree Gopalan".

Who written the "Railin Oligal" song?

"Railin Oligal" Song is written by "Uma Devi".

Who is the Musician/Composer of the "Railin Oligal" song?

"Railin Oligal" Song music/composition done by "Govind Vasantha".

Which Actors/Actress is starring/featuring in the "Railin Oligal" song?

"Railin Oligal" Song is starring/featuring "Ashok Selvan, Keerthi Pandian" in lead roles.

Who is the director of the "Railin Oligal" song?

"Railin Oligal" Video Song is directed by "S. Jayakumar".

Which Music Company released the "Railin Oligal" song?

"Railin Oligal" Song is released under the label "Think Music India".