Santhosh Narayanan – Unaku Than Lyrics In English (Translation)

Date: 12/9/2023

Song Summary (Meaning): The song express deep love and admiration. The singer describes the beloved as a sweet ocean, gentle rain, and more. The verses depict the beauty and significance of various elements in nature, comparing them to the beloved. The overall theme is a celebration of love and the special connection between the singer and the beloved.

Santhosh Narayanan – Unaku Than Lyrics In English (Translation)

Unakku Thaan Lyrics English Translation

Amutha Kadal Unakku Thaan
Aara Mazhai Unakku Thaan
Neenga Nizhal Unakku Thaan
Nee Kanmani Enakku Thaan
Poruthi Po Nee Tholoatu

In The Sweet Ocean, You Belong
In The Gentle Rain, You Belong
Your Shadow Belongs To You
You, My Dear, Belong To Me
Let The Bond Between Us Be Strong

Madiyil Oonjal Aadu En Paarvai Unnodu
Un Pommai Kannodu Pesamal Vinodu
Naam Mithandhu Povom
Kaathoram Adi Aalolam
Naan Thanga Maarodu Va Vitudhu Thene Va

Swing On The Swing In My Courtyard, With Your Gaze
Let’s Not Talk Through Our Dolls, Let’s Converse
We Unite And Move Forward
Oars In Hand, We Row Through The River Of Love
I’ll Weave A Golden Mat For You With Honey

Sandhikka Malar Unakku Thaan
Kandikka Mozhi Unakku Than
Sindikka Nodi Unakku Thaan
Sirikum Nadhi Unakku Thaan

The Fragrance Of Flowers Belongs To You
The Language Of Birds Belongs To You
The Nod Of Approval Belongs To You
The Laughing River Belongs To You

Vazhiyum Echil Vaayoram Enathu Kaayam Aarum
En Thangam Munnadi En Kaal Kadanaadi
Un Aasai Ennadi Naan Nadathi Vaippen
Vaazhnthaalum Tharai Vezhndhaalum
Un Kaalgal En Nenjil Vaazhathu Thene Va

The Path And The Breeze Are My Witnesses, Nothing Else
In Front Of My Precious, I Will Dance
With Your Desire, I Will Play
I’ll Bring You Happiness, Even If I Have To Walk On Thorns
Even If We Live Or Face Challenges
Your Footsteps Will Echo In My Heart, Like Honey

Pathu Viral Koolam Poda
Poomi Mela Molachcha Chittrame
Un Asaiva Pathu Pathu
Aayul Koodum Enakku
Punnagaiyil Kaalam Poga
Thokaiyaaga Siricha Pettakame
Yaarukkaavalam Maari Poschu Kanakku

Ten Fingers, Create A Bridge
Drawing Patterns On The Ground, Expressing Love
Your Ten Fingers, Full Of Grace
Life Flows In Your Smile
Time Passes In Laughter
Every Moment With You Is A Sweet Verse
Who Cares What The World Thinks

En Kooda Pesura Thodaadova
Unakku Naerula Kattaattumaa
Chinnukku Pidichu Ella
Inipum Saapidu Tharattumaa
Andha Aruvi Pol Anba Tharuvale
Chinna Arivipum Indri Suduvaale

Don’t Argue With Me
Will You Come Into My Arms
Hold Me Tightly
Even If We Age, Even If The Ground Crumbles
Your Footsteps Will Still Be Golden In My Heart

Aiyo Thummidudi Thummidudi
Aayischu Nooraaga
Ennul Unnodu Pathir Sottaaga
En Paarvai Unnodu Un Pommai Kannodu
Pesamal Vinodu Naam Mithandhu Povom
Kaathoram Adi Aalolam Naan Thanga Maarodu Va
Vitudhu Thene Va

Oh, The Humming Sound, The Buzzing Sound
Melting Softly
In My Heart, You Are The Radiant Sun
With Your Gaze, With Your Doll-Like Eyes
Without Speaking Through Dolls, Let’s Unite
We’ll Step Into The Golden Dawn Together, Come, Let’s Go

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Unakku Thaan Song Credits:

Song NameUnakku Thaan
MovieChithha (Tamil Movie)
Featuring Artists
LabelThink Music India

Unakku Thaan Music Video

Unakku Thaan FAQs

Who sung the "Unakku Thaan" song?

"Unakku Thaan" Song is sung by "Santhosh Narayanan, Dhvani Kailas".

Who written the "Unakku Thaan" song?

"Unakku Thaan" Song is written by "Vivek".

Who is the Musician/Composer of the "Unakku Thaan" song?

"Unakku Thaan" Song music/composition done by "Santhosh Narayanan".

Which Actors/Actress is starring/featuring "Unakku Thaan" song?

"Unakku Thaan" Song is starring/featuring "Siddharth, Nimisha Sajayan" in lead roles.

Who is the director of "Unakku Thaan" song?

"Unakku Thaan" Video Song is directed by "Deeraj Vaidy".

Which Music Company released the "Unakku Thaan" song?

"Unakku Thaan" Song is released under the label "Think Music India".