Shreya Ghoshal – Animal: Kashmeeru Lyrics In English (Translation)

Shreya Ghoshal - Animal: Kashmeeru Lyrics In English (Translation)

Meaning: The song lyrics express the feelings of love, longing, and admiration. The singer describes the enchanting qualities of the beloved and expresses the depth of love experienced in various situations. The verses also touch upon the beauty of different regions and emphasize the intense emotions associated with love.

Kashmeeru Lyrics English Translation

Chirugali Veechela
Ee Medalo Ekkada
Ye Dari Ledento
Selayeru Paarela
Ee Thotalo Yekkada
Ye Vaalu Ledento

Under the chirping trees
In this garden
Where there are no doors
Like a gentle breeze
In these flower beds
Where there are no boundaries

Ituvanti Chotulalo
Kamme Segalalo
Premanila Pooyinchalo Ento

In such moments
In a few seconds
Love blossoms

Ivale Ivale Alaa Vaalipodha
Kashmeeru Lanti Seemalalo
Aa Roju Lage Alaa Thelipodha
Chellam malayalanti Premalalo

They become like this
In valleys like Kashmir
Does that day appear like this?
In sweet melodious love

Hmm.. Andraala Loya Cheseti Maya
Jathaga Marosaari Chuddam Priya
Chebootharu Prathi Okaru
Nelapaina Unde
Swargam Adanta Podham Padha

Hmm the magic spread across the land
Let’s see the story unfold my love
Everyone in this world
Exists somewhere
Let’s find our heaven there

Aa Manchu Kanumallo
Nerpistha Premante Ento

In the touch of your veil
As it tightens
That is the essence of love

Prapanchanni Marachi
Kasepu Oogipodham
Deva Kanyalunde Aa Gramamulo
Aa Gnapakalu Pogu Cheyyi Chaalu
Lotanedhi Undadika Nee Madilo

Ignoring the world
Let’s escape for a while
In the village where divine damsels reside
Let the conversations of the eyes be enough
Whatever is there it’s in your hands

Nuvvu Adigithe Teesukellana
Aa Chotulona Chali Undi Chana
Onukutu Neevunte Chustu Alaa
Ela Thalane Ayyo Lady Koona

If you ask I’ll give
In those moments there’s magic
When you’re around just by looking
How does time fly oh Lady Koona

Chali Mantalai Nannu
Nee Maatale Takutunte
Chalesthada Ento
Nee Kougile Nannu
O Kambalai Kachukunte
Onukutana Ento

The shawl is calling me
When your words beckon
Is it okay to go?
In your arms
If I’m wrapped in a blanket
What will happen?

Naa Mundu Nuvvundi Maatadutunte
Kadhile Kalanne Aapeyanaa
Aa Gooti Padavallo
Nee Gunde Pai Vaali
Niduristha Nede Aa Seemalalo
Yedemi Avutunna Ye Gontu Yemanna
Telustha Ninne Naa Premalalo

When you speak in front of me
Will it steal my heart?
In the rhythm of those footsteps
In the beat of your heart
I’ll find my sleep in those valleys
Whatever is happening whatever it may be
I know it’s you in my love

Hmm Hmmm…

Hmm Hmmm…

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Kashmeeru Music Video

Kashmeeru Lyrics In English (Translation) Meaning is new Telugu song from the movie Animal and the song is sung by Shreya Ghoshal & Yazin Nizar and video is starring by Ranbir Kapoor, Rashmika Mandanna. The music of this is brand new song is given by Manan Bhardwaj and Kashmeeru Song Lyrics beautifully written by Anantha Sriram. The music video is released by T-Series Telugu and is directed by Sandeep Reddy Vanga. Get Kashmeeru song Lyrics English Translation along with their line by line meaning from here.

Kashmeeru Song Credits:
Song: Kashmeeru
Movie: Animal (Movie)
Singer: Shreya Ghoshal, Yazin Nizar
Lyricist: Anantha Sriram
Music: Manan Bhardwaj
Starring: Ranbir Kapoor, Rashmika Mandanna
Director: Sandeep Reddy Vanga
Label: T-Series

Kashmeeru Song - FAQS

Who sung the "Kashmeeru" song?

"Kashmeeru" Song is sung by "Shreya Ghoshal, Yazin Nizar" .

Who Written the "Kashmeeru" song?

"Kashmeeru" Song is written by "Anantha Sriram" .

Which Actors/Actress is Starring/featuring "Kashmeeru" song?

"Kashmeeru" Song is Starring/featuring "Ranbir Kapoor, Rashmika Mandanna" in lead role.

Who is the director of "Kashmeeru" song?

"Kashmeeru" Video Song is Directed by "Sandeep Reddy Vanga" .

Which Music Company is released "Kashmeeru" song?

"Kashmeeru" Song is Released under the Label " T-Series " .