Aur (Uraan) – Tu Hai Kahan Lyrics In English (Translation)

Uraan - Tu Hai Kahan Lyrics In English (Translation)

Tu Hai Kahan Lyrics Meaning In English (Translation): is latest Hindi song sung by Aur (Uraan) and Ahad Khan with music is given by Raffey Anwar. Tu Hai Kahan song lyrics are written by Uraan and Ahad Khan. The music video released by Uraan and directed by Raffey Anwar. English translation and meaning line by line also available.

Tu Hai Kahan Lyrics English Translation

Ki Jab Main Hadd Se Aage
Badh Gaya Tha Aashiqui Mein
Yaani Zindagi Ko Le Raha
Mazaak Hi Mein

When I exceeded the limit in love,
It meant I was taking life
As nothing but a joke.

Phir Mazaak Hi Mein
Mil Gaya Sab Khaak Hi Mein
Chhu Kar Aaya Manzilein Toh
Tanha Tha Main Wapsi Mein

Then, in jest,
I found myself amidst ashes.
Having touched the destinations,
I was lonely on my return journey.

Jaise Phool Tode Honge
Tumne Jholi Bhar Ke
Main Woh Phool Jo Ke
Reh Gaya Tha Shakh Hi Mein

Like you must have plucked flowers aplenty,
While I remained the flower
That stayed on the branch.

Jaise Khwaab Hi Main
Khwabgaah Ankh Hi Mein
Pal Se Pal Mein Kya Hua Tum
Reh Gaye Bas Yaad Hi Mein

As if I was merely a dream,
In the dreamland of your eyes.
In the blink of an eye, what happened to you?
You remained just a memory.

Ek Sawaal Machalta Hai
Mere Dil Mein Kabhi
Tujhe Main Bhool Jaaun
Ya Tujhe Main Yaad Karun

A question often flares up In my heart,
Whether I should forget you,
Or remember you.

Tujhi Ko Soch Ke Likhta Hoon
Jo Bhi Likhta Hoon
Ab Likh Raha Hoon Toh
Phir Kyun Na Ek Sawaal Karun

Thinking of you, I write
Whatever I write,
Now that I am writing,
Why not ask a question again?

Main Iss Sawaal Se Gham Ko
Badal Doon Khushiyon Mein
Par In Be-Jaan Si Khushiyon Se
Kya Kamaal Karun

I try to transform sorrow
Into happiness with this question,
But with these lifeless joys,
What miracle can I perform?

Par Ab Sawaal Bhi Kamaal
Tu Sambhal Le Filhaal
Yeh Zawaal Bicha Jaal Kya
Main Chaal Chalun

But now even the question is amazing,
You handle it for now,
What is this trap of decline,
Should I take a step forward?

Chaal Chal Tu Apni
Main Tujhe Pehchan Luga
Main Apni Mehfilon Mein
Sirf Tera Hi Naam Looga

Move forward in your way,
I’ll recognise you,
In my gatherings,
Only your name I’ll mention.

Tujhe Pasand Hai Dheema Lehja
Aur Bas Khamoshiyan
Main Tere Khaatir Apni
Khud Ki Saansein Tham Luga

You prefer a slow pace
And just silence,
For you, I would halt
My own breaths.

Kya Tere Saare Aansu
Mere Ho Sakte Hain
Aisa Hai Toh Tere Khatir
Hum Bhi Ro Sakte Hain

Can all your tears, Be mine?
If that’s possible,
Then for you, I can cry too.

Mere Khaatir Mere Rone Par
Ab Tum Bas Hans Dena
Ek Bar Tere Muskurahat Ke Pichhe
Hum Sab Kuchh Kho Skate Hain

For my sake, if you just laugh
At my tears now,
Behind your smile once,
I can lose everything.

Kya Meri Mohabbaton Ka
Koyi Hisaab Nahi Hai
Kyun Tere Aankhon Mein
Mere Liye Koyi Khwaab Nahi Hai

Is there no account For my loves?
Why in your eyes
Is there no dream for me?

Tujhe Kya Hi Karun Ghamzada
Ab Jaane De
Ke Tere Paas Mere Pyar Ka
Jawaab Nahi Hai

What should I do, heartbroken?
Now just let it go,
For you don’t have
An answer to my love.

Kitni Muddatein Hui Hai
Tumne Khat Kyu Nahi Bheja
Gaa Leta Hun Tere Liye
Mausiqi Nahi Hai Pesha

How many ages have passed?
Why haven’t you sent a letter?
I sing for you,
Music is not just a profession.

Aane Ki Khabar Hi Nahi Tere Ab
Ab Kya Mausamon Se Puchhun
Tere Aane La Andesha

I don’t have news of your arrival now,
What should I ask the seasons?
The hope of your arrival has vanished.

Aankhon Mein Aansu Nahi Hai
Kahaan Hai Tu Kahaan Tu Nahi Hai
Dil Ko Yeh Ab Jaan’na Hi Nahi
Bas Tu Chale Aao

There are no tears in my eyes,
Where are you, where are you not?
Now my heart doesn’t even want to know,
Just come back to me.

Tu Hai Kahan
Khwabon Ke Iss Shehar Mein
Mera Dil Tujhe Dhoondhta
Dhoondhta Arsa Hua

Where are you
In this city of dreams?
My heart searches for you,
Searching for a long time.

Tujhko Dekha Nahi
Tu Na Jaane Kahan Chhup Gaya
Chup Gaya

I haven’t seen you,
You don’t know where you’ve hidden,
Hidden away.

Aao Phir Se Hum Chale
Thaam Lo Yeh Hath
Kar Do Kamm Yeh Faasle

Let’s go again,
Hold this hand,
Let’s lessen these distances.

Na Pata Ho Manzilon Ka
Na Ho Raste
Tu Ho Main Hoon Baithe Dono
Phir Hum Taaron Ke Tale

Let’s not know the destinations,
Nor the paths,
You be you, I’ll be me, sitting together,
Underneath the stars again.

Na Subah Ho Phir
Na Hi Din Dhale
Kuchh Na Keh Sake
Kuchh Na Sunn Sake

Neither morning breaks again,
Nor does the day dawn,
Unable to say anything,
Unable to listen.

Baatein Saari Woh
Dil Mein Hi Rahe
Tum Ko Kya Pata Hai
Kya Ho Tum Mere Liye

All those conversations,
Remain in the heart,
What do you know,
What you mean to me.

Kehkashan Ho Tum
Kahaniyon Ki Pariyon Ki
Tarah Ho Tum

You are like a constellation,
Like the fairies of stories.

Mujhmein Aa Sake Na Koyi
Iss Tarah Ho Tum
Ho Yakeen Tum Mera
Ya Phir Ghumaan Ho Tum

No one can come into me
In this way, it’s you.
Whether you are my belief
Or just an illusion.

Aashiyan Ho Tum
Main Bhatka Sa Musafir
Aur Makaan Ho Tum

You are the nest,
I am a lost traveler,
And you are the home.

Meri Manzilon Ka
Ek Hi Raasta Ho Tum
Dhoondhta Hai Dil Tujhe
Bata Kahan Ho Tum Hmm..

You are the only path
To my destinations,
My heart searches for you,
Tell me, where are you? Hmm…

Ho Jahaan Kahin Bhi
Aao Paas Taaki
Aansu Mere Tham Sake

Wherever you are,
Come close so that
My tears can stop.

Yaad Aa Rahe Ho Tum
Mujhe Ab Har Lamhein
Aisi Zindagi Ka Kya
Jo Tum Zindagi Mein Hoke
Meri Zindagi Na Ban Sake

I remember you now,
In every moment,
What kind of life is it
That you being in it,
Couldn’t become my life?

Sochta Rahun Ya
Bhool Jaaun Ab Tumhein
Tum Mil Hi Na Sakogi Toh
Fir Kaise Chahu Ab Tumhein

Should I keep thinking
Or forget you now?
If I can’t meet you,
Then how can I love you anymore?

Tere Saare Khwaab Pal Mein Jod Denge
Jisme Tu Hi Na Basega
Phir Woh Dil Hi Tod Denge

I will weave all your dreams together in a moment,
But if you’re not there in them,
Then those very dreams will break my heart.

Chhod Denge Woh Shehar
Ke Jisme Tum Na Hoge
Toot Jayenge Makaan
Woh Saare Hasraton Ke

I will leave that city
Where you won’t be,
All those desires
Will shatter.

Guzre Pal Jo Saath Tere
Woh Pal Hai Bas Sukoon Ke
Mil Lo Ab Tum Iss Tarah
Ke Phir Nahi Miloge

The moments spent with you
Are just moments of peace,
Now embrace me in such a way
That we won’t meet again.

Tu Hi Tha Saath Mein Mere
Kaise Main Jeeyuga Akele
Taare Ginn Ginn Ke
Ho Gayi Hai Subah

You were the one with me,
How will I live alone?
Counting the stars,
Morning has arrived.

Tu Hai Kahan
Khwaabon Ke Iss Shehar Mein
Mera Dil Tujhe Dhoondhta

Where are you
In this city of dreams?
My heart searches for you,
Searches for you.

Arsa Hua Tujhko Dekha Nahi
Tu Na Jaane Kahan Chhup Gaya
Chhup Gaya

It’s been ages since I’ve seen you,
You don’t know where you’ve hidden,
Hidden away.

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Tu Hai Kahan Music Video

Tu Hai Kahan Song Credits:
Song: Tu Hai Kahan
Singer: Uraan, Ahad Khan
Lyricist: Uraan, Ahad Khan
Music: Raffey Anwar
Starring: Uraan
Director: Raffey Anwar
Label: Uraan

Tu Hai Kahan Song - FAQS

Who sung the "Tu Hai Kahan" song?

"Tu Hai Kahan" Song is sung by "Uraan, Ahad Khan" .

Who Written the "Tu Hai Kahan" song?

"Tu Hai Kahan" Song is written by "Uraan, Ahad Khan" .

Which Actors/Actress is Starring/featuring "Tu Hai Kahan" song?

"Tu Hai Kahan" Song is Starring/featuring "Uraan" in lead role.

Who is the director of "Tu Hai Kahan" song?

"Tu Hai Kahan" Video Song is Directed by "Raffey Anwar" .

Which Music Company is released "Tu Hai Kahan" song?

"Tu Hai Kahan" Song is Released under the Label " Uraan " .