Usama Ali – Shikayat Lyrics In English (Translation)

Usama Ali - Shikayat Lyrics In English (Translation)

Shikayat Lyrics Meaning In English (Translation) is new Hindi song sung by Usama Ali, Ahad Khan and video is starring by Usama Ali, Ahad Khan, Raffey Anwar. The music of this is brand new song is given by Raffey Anwar and Shikayat song Lyrics beautifully written by Usama Ali, Ahad Khan. The music video is released by Aur and is directed by Zeeru. Get Shikayat song Lyrics English Translation along with their meaning from here.

Shikayat Lyrics In English (Translation)

Zakhm Dil Pe Hain Dawa Karo
Aao Milke Rasmein Mohabbat Ada Karo
Kuchh Na Kar Sako Mere Liye
Toh Bas Khwabon Mein Hi
Mujhse Mil Liya Karo

Wounds on the heart, heal them,
Come, let’s perform the rituals of love.
If you can’t do anything for me,
Just meet me in my dreams.

Aa Milo Kahin Mujhse
Ke Ummeed Kuchh
Baaki Hai Meri Tumse
Na Jaane Hasrat Hi Rahi Ho
Tum Meri

Come, meet me somewhere,
There is still hope left between you and me.
Maybe only desires remain,
You are mine.

Ke Shayad Yeh Din Aakhri Ho
Hum Khwahish Mein Mar Jayein
Aa Milo Kahin Mujhse
Ke Ummeedein Kuchh
Baaki Hai Meri Tumse

Perhaps these days are the last,
Let’s die in the longing.
Come, meet me somewhere,
There are still hopes
Remaining between you and me.

Le Chalo Wahan Mujhe
Main Dekhta Hoon
Aasmaan Mein Bhi Ab Tujhe
Dekha Ek Roz Taara Toot Ke Gaya

Take me there,
I look
For you even in the sky now.
One day, I saw a star break and fall,

Maangi Bhi Duayein
Par Haan Tu Nahi Mila

I made wishes,
But, alas, you did not come.

Woh Aaya Hi Nahi
Jo Ik Dafa Gaya
Woh Door Itna Ho Gaya
Main Dekh Na Saka

He didn’t come back
Once he left,
He became so distant,
I couldn’t see.

Hai Dhoondta Wajah
Ab Dil Yeh Bewajah
Hai Toota Iss Tarah Se
Dil Ke Phir Nahi Laga

Searching for a reason,
Now the heart is without reason,
It broke in such a way,
That it didn’t connect to the heart again.

Toh Aa Milo Kahin
O Mere Humnashi
Main Ab Bhi Hoon Akela
Yeh Tu Samjha Kyun Nahi

So come, meet me somewhere,
O my companion,
I am still alone,
Why don’t you understand?

Wajood Dillagi
Ki Aarzoo Nahi
Mohabbat Toh Wahi Hai
Jo Ki Milti Hi Nahi

The existence of passion,
Not just a desire,
Love is the same,
Which is never found.

Mohabbaton Mein Jhoom Loon
Main Kya Karun Bata
Main Muktala Hoon Gham Mein
Ya Main Gham Ki Hoon Dawa

Let me immerse myself in love,
What should I do, tell me,
Am I absorbed in sorrow,
Or am I the remedy for sorrow?

Main Baddua Hoon Ya Dua Hoon
Ya Mai Hoon Saza
Ab Tu Bata Ke Main Hoon
Ya Phir Tu Hai Laapata Tu Bata

Am I a curse or a prayer,
Or am I the punishment itself?
Now tell me, am I here,
Or are you the one who’s lost, tell me.

Laapata Ho Gaye
Humare Liye Tum
Itna Chaha Ke
Tum Bewafa Ho Gaye Jaana

You have become lost
For us, you
Were so loved,
But you turned unfaithful, my dear.

Bhoolna Tha Tumhein
Khuda Ki Kasam
Haath Jab Bhi Uthe
Tum Dhuan Ho Gaye

I was supposed to forget you,
I swear to God,
Whenever my hand rose,
You turned into smoke.

Honthon Pe Dua Hai
Wakt Tham Nahi Raha
Tu Na Mil Saka
Tu Bas Nazam Mein Hi Raha

On my lips, there’s a prayer,
Time is not stopping,
You couldn’t be found,
You remained only in verses.

Duniya Ki Mohabbaton Ne
Sab Badal Diya
Tera Gham Azeeb Hai
Woh Wahin Ka Wahin Raha

The love of the world
Has changed everything,
Your sorrow is strange,
It has remained the same, unchanged.

Bhoolna Main Chah Raha Tha
Tujhko Iss Tarah
Na Teri Jagah Koyi Ho
Na Ho Tu Wahan

I wanted to forget you
In this way,
No one can take your place
You should not be there.

Ab Teri Talaash Mein
Pata Chala Mujhe
Tumse Hi Shuru Hai Raat
Tumse Hi Subeh

In the search for you now,
I realized,
The night starts with you,
And the morning too.

Tu Mil Gayi Toh
Jaan Milegi Zindagi Mujhe
Jo Tu Nahi Toh
Chahiye Kuchh Nahi Mujhe

If I find you,
I will find life,
If not you,
I don’t need anything.

Khwaab Tu Hai Saans Tu Hi
Raat Tu Subeh
Kaat Dunga Zindagi Main
Dekh Ke Tujhe

You are the dream, you are the breath,
Night and morning,
I will live my life
Seeing you.

Dekh Le Mujhe
Yeh Kat Rahi Hai Zindagi
Ab Dekh Ke Tujhe

Look at me,
Life is slipping away,
Now, seeing you,

Toot Hi Gaya Hoon
Tu Samet Le Mujhe
Samet Le Mujhe
Kahin Bikhar Na Jaaun Main
Bikhar Na Jaaun Main

I am broken,
Hold me,
Hold me,
So that I don’t shatter,
Don’t shatter.

Haan Haan Hmm…

Yes, yes, hmm…

Toh Aao Na
Mere Aansu Ko Pochho
Aur Phir Se Rulao Mujhe
Mera Sab Kuchh Hai Tere Liye

So come,
Ask about my tears,
And then make me cry again,
My everything is for you.

Toh Aao Na
Dil Ki Baatein Karo
Aur Phir Se Satao Mujhe
Mera Sab Kuchh Hai Tere Liye

So come,
Speak the words of the heart,
And then tease me again,
My everything is for you.

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Shikayat Music Video

Shikayat Song Credits:
Song: Shikayat
Singer: Usama Ali, Ahad Khan
Lyricist: Usama Ali, Ahad Khan
Music: Raffey Anwar
Starring: Usama Ali, Ahad Khan, Raffey Anwar
Director: Zeeru
Label: Aur

Shikayat Song - FAQS

Who sung the "Shikayat" song?

"Shikayat" Song is sung by "Usama Ali, Ahad Khan" .

Who Written the "Shikayat" song?

"Shikayat" Song is written by "Usama Ali, Ahad Khan" .

Which Actors/Actress is Starring/featuring "Shikayat" song?

"Shikayat" Song is Starring/featuring "Usama Ali, Ahad Khan, Raffey Anwar" in lead role.

Who is the director of "Shikayat" song?

"Shikayat" Video Song is Directed by "Zeeru" .

Which Music Company is released "Shikayat" song?

"Shikayat" Song is Released under the Label " Aur " .