Khan Bhaini – 33 Lyrics In English (Translation)

Meaning: The song lyrics celebrate the speaker’s success, confidence, and carefree lifestyle. They boast about being number one, having no worries, and achieving various milestones in life. The numbers mentioned symbolize different aspects of the speaker’s experiences and accomplishments. The overall tone is one of pride and self-assurance.

33 Lyrics English Translation

Ho Number 1 Character Balliye
2 Number Da Kamm Ni Koi
3 Ik Peg Te 4 Bande
5:00 Baje Baad Gham Ni Koi

My character is of number one
There is nothing illegal here
Having 3 pegs and 4 people
Five pm onwards theres no sadness in our life

Sidha Sir Ton Maaran Sixer Jattiye
Mainu Double Single Di Game Nhi Aondi
Satton Hi Din Sukh Naal Jattiye
Jatt Di Kaato Baagh Bondi

I hit sixers over the head
I dont know how to play a game of double single
All seven days are of happiness
Jatts lives are always high

9vi Vich Hi Badal Layi Si
Main Zindagi Di Script Rakane
Hun Tak Jatt De Jo Vi Palle
Dasa Noha Di Kirat Rakane

In my 9th class
I changed the script of my life
All that jatt has all come with hard work

Ho Muhre Naaran Diyan Daaran
Pichhe Vairi Aa Hazaaran
Main Te Teji Balliye Ni
Dowe Hi Gyarah (11)

All the girls are in front and
Thousands of enemies are behind
Me and Teji are one and one eleven

Thalle Kaali Ghodi
Poori Famous Aa Jodi
Dekh Hater’an De Munh Te
Taan Hi Baje Paye Aa 12

Down are the face of haters
Black mare is under us and
Full famous is our duo

Ho Pb 13 Vichon Uth Ke
Tere Sector 14 Mariyan Mallan
Kul 15 Gaane Hun Tak Sunn Layi
16 Aane Sach Ne Gallan

By standing from PB 13 rising hard in sector 14
Total 15 songs and everything i write is true to reality

Ho Nitt 17 18 Kharde
Raahan De Vich Jo Nahi
Ho Nitt 17 18 Kharde
Raahan De Vich Jo Nahi

All those 17 18 enemies
Standing in my way daily
If i lose my patience

Je 19 21 Hogi Jatt Ton
Oh 20 Saali Aa Honi
Jo 22 Ch Si Reh Ge Balliye
Kadde 23 Ch Bhulekhe Aa
Main Oh Ni
Jo 22 Ch Si Reh Ge Balliye

I will be jailed for 20 years
I cleared all doubts in the age of 23
Which were pending in 22

Ho 24 Ghante Karde Jo Money Money Money
Bas 25 Saalan Ch Saadi Ohna Naal Nhi Bani
26va Ki Gabru Nu Chadeya Eh Saal
Khore Kinniyan Rakana Di Aa Jaan Te Aa Bani

All those who talk about money 24/7
I never befriended with them in 25 years
Now that Ive turned 26
I dont know how many girls get flabbergasted by me

Kal Tool Te Laata Lakh 27
Kithon Patt Lu Tera Lakk Ni 28
Velly Nitt 29 Sau Milda Balliye
Dabb Taan 30 Di Janti Laayi

Spent 27 lakh on tool yesterday
You cant win me over with you 28 invh waist
2900 so called dreaded people meet me daily
Hence why i keep a 30 on wrapped around my waist

Ho 31 March Nu Jiven Udeek De Sharabi
Mitran De Loki Hun Udeek De Aa Gaane
32 Aa Dandan De Jehri Hundi Aa Bichale
Ohnu Kaabu Vich Rakho Sach Kehnde Ne Siyane

As drunkers wait for the 31st of march
The same way people await for my songs
That which lies in between our teeth
Wisers say take control of that

Na Dil Vich Rakhi Khaar Kisse Layi
Te Na Main Rakhda Aas Rakane
Lodh Ton Gabru Vadh Ni Likhda
Hunda 33 (Tentis) Wala Paas Rakane

Neither i have grudges for anyone
Nor i expect anything from anyone
I don’t write more than what is needed
As the one who gets 33 in exams, passes

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33 Song Credits:

ArtistKhan Bhaini
LyricistKhan Bhaini
MusicianGuri Nimana
CastKhan Bhaini
DirectorRupan Bal
LabelKhan Bhaini

33 Music Video

33 FAQs

Who sung the "33" song?

"33" Song is sung by "Khan Bhaini".

Who written the "33" song?

"33" Song is written by "Khan Bhaini".

Who is the Musician/Composer of the "33" song?

"33" Song music/composition done by "Guri Nimana".

Which Actors/Actress is starring/featuring in the "33" song?

"33" Song is starring/featuring "Khan Bhaini" in lead roles.

Who is the director of the "33" song?

"33" Video Song is directed by "Rupan Bal".

Which Music Company released the "33" song?

"33" Song is released under the label "Khan Bhaini".