Khan Bhaini – Off Roading Lyrics In English (Translation)

Khan Bhaini - Off Roading Lyrics In English (Translation)

Meaning: The song talks about various aspects of life and personal philosophies. It delves into the idea of not getting close to everyone, how fate is engraved, and the personal journey towards success. It highlights the simplicity of life, the comparison between rural and urban living, and the integrity and dedication required to stay grounded. It also touches on dreams, future plans, and the essential traits of living a respectable life. Ultimately, it emphasizes the significance of staying true to oneself and living life with pride and honor.

Off Roading Lyrics In English Translation

Oh Esse Karke Har Ek Nu
Naa Lawa Balliye Nehde
Oh Rab Hi Banke Beh Jande Aa
Dil Nu Lag Jaan Jehde

Oh By Doing This Don’t Bring Everyone Close
They Turn Into God And Attach To The Heart

Yaara Ton Kithe Soch Hunda
Kon Apna Kon Begana
Jihnu Lod Hundi Hath Fadle Apne
Raah Main Turreya Jana

Where Do Friends Think From?
Who Is Ours And Who Is A Stranger?
The One We Need By Our Side
Keeps Walking On The Path With Us

Ke Qismat Mitran Di Changi Balliye
Ni Jiven Kole Baith Ke Likhai Hui Aa
Te Likhta Jo Janda Ni Mitaya Mudke
Gal Ikko Aa Dimag Ch Bithai Hoi Aa

The Destiny Of Friends Is Good
It’s Like Something Written While Sitting Close By
What’s Written Isn’t Erased By Looking Back
It’s A Single Word Embedded In The Mind

Ni Bheed Wich Turre Hi Ni Pehle Din Ton
Taan Hi Gaddi Kache Kache Payi Hoyi Aa
Paise Da Vi Haq Ni Begana Balliye
Ajj Tak Jinni K Kamai Hoi Aa

I Haven’t Stayed In The Midst Of The Crowd From The First Day
Still My Car Is Just Parked Nearby
It’s Not Just About Money My Friend
All That’s Earned Until Today

Bade Kehnde Hath Marla Paise Nu Mitra
Main Ki Karna Rakane
Main Ta Pehle Hi Rich Ni
Ankh Ankhan Wich Paake Kara Face Te Kude
Gal Gol Ni Kari Di Mehfilan De Wich Ni

Many Say They’d Crush Money In Their Hands
What Can I Do To Save It?
I Wasn’t Rich Before
I Won’t Engage In Small Talk In Gatherings

Bade Mile Chaun Wale Mitran Nu Balliye
Raaj Karde Aa Yaaran De Dilan Wich Ni
Befikra Jo Motor Te Saunda Balliye
Ohnu Neend Kithon Auni Hotle’an De Wich Ni

Many Meet Those Who Desire Them My Friend
They Rule Over The Hearts Of Friends
The Carefree One Who Rides A Motorbike
How Will He Sleep In Hotels?

Tu Velly Hoke Maari Kade Geda Balliye
Tennu Dsange Jeonde Kiwen Yaar Zindagi
Ethe Dukh Sukh Doni Aa Brabar Kude
Badi Simple Jehi Life Aa Rakane Pind Di

You Act Like A Slacker Sometimes My Friend
How Will You Live Without Friends And Life?
Here Both Sorrow And Joy Are Equal My Friend
Living A Very Simple Life In The Village

Tu 4 Din Chandigarh Laake Balliye
Desi Living Style Aa Yaara Da Nid Di
Ni Eh Ton Baad Nehra Bas Nehri Aa Kude
Tere Shehar Di Aa Chandani Rakane Bind Di

You Take Four Days And Go To Chandigarh
It’s The Desi Living Style The Sleep Of Friends
After This It’s Not Just Sleep It’s The River
Keeping The Moonlight Of Your City In Check

Ho Tere Lambe Bade Future Plan Goriye
Te Assi Ajj Ch Jeon Wale Bande
Teri Poli Aa Skin Pashmina Naal Di
Te Assi Tibbeyan De Pakhre Jahe Kande

Your Long-Term Future Plans Girl
And We’re The Ones Living In The Present
Your Skin Is Like Pashmina
And We’re Like Cages Of Hospitals

Ke Sadde Naal Nibhauni Badi Aaukhi Goriye
Ke Laun Nu Taan Sara Hi Punjab Firda
Tu Time Naal Aalhane Nu Mud Ghuggiye
Ni Uddeya Shikar Utte Baaz Firda

To Keep Up With Us Is Very Tough Girl
The Whole Of Punjab Is Envious Of Pulling The Cart
Don’t Take Time Hurry Up My Dear
Your Hunting Falcon Has Taken Flight

Ja Mithiyan Naa Shehri Jatt Patt La Kude
Kithe Laada Naal Pinda Da Jawak Birda
Tere Necklace Wich Heere Goriye
Te Sadde Layi Ta Teji Hi Taj Sir Da

Go Sweet Don’t Bother The Rural Folks
Where Did I Fight With The Village Youth?
In Your Necklace There Are Diamonds Girl
For Us The Speed Is The Crown Of The Head

Tu Dekhi Kitte Reh Ji Na Rakane Shak Ch
Ghanta Mitran Da Painda 12-13 Lakh Ch
Ni Vairi Aa Hairaan Kar Rakhe Goriye
Ni Jeban Ch Ni Rakhida Nasha Ae Ankh Ch

Don’t You Ever Doubt Keeping It Girl
The Friend’s Watch Costs 12-13 Lakhs
The Enemy Is Amazed Girl
There’s No Intoxication In Our Pockets Only In Our Eyes

Jithe Bhidan Hik Zor Naal Bhidi Da Goriye
Aiven Badkan Ni Mariyan Begani Chakk Ch
Kheti Baadi Khitte Nu Belong Kariye
Rukh Paniyan Da Mod Dayie Ikko Tak Ch

Where They Sow With A Lot Of Effort Girl
They Don’t Just Kill Aimlessly
Accustom Your Fields To The Fields Girl
Turn The Direction Of The Water At One Point

Main Suneya Tu Padhdi Kitaba Badiyan
Te Gabru Ch Aise Kujh Gun Kudiye
Ni Zindagi Naal Rehna Hi Ni Shikwa Koi
Tu Thode Din Bhaini Wala Sun Kudiye

I’ve Heard You Read A Lot Of Books
And You’ve Got Some Good Qualities Young Man
There’s No Complaint About Living Life
Just Listen To Your Younger Brother For A Few Days

Ni Khaure Kehdi Yaara Diyan Bunu Kotiyan
Unj Badiyan Ne Supne Laye Bunn Kudiye
Sadhe 3 Mint Gabru Nu Suni Gaur Naal
Kidda Jeone Aa Na Puchi Kade Hunn Kudiye

Which Friend’s Kid Wears Bunu Kotiyan?
They’ve Woven Many Dreams My Dear
Listen To Our Three Minutes Young Man
Don’t Ask How To Live Life Now

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Off Roading Music Video

Off Roading Lyrics In English (Translation) Meaning is newly viral Punjabi song sung by Khan Bhaini. The music is given by Guri Nimana and the lyrics are written by Khan Bhaini. The music video released by Khan Bhaini and directed by Sam Malhi. Off Roading Song Lyrics English Translation and line by line meaning also available.

Off Roading Song Credits:
Song: Off Roading
Singer: Khan Bhaini
Lyricist: Khan Bhaini
Music: Guri Nimana
Starring: Khan Bhaini
Director: Sam Malhi
Label: Khan Bhaini

Off Roading Song - FAQS

Who sung the "Off Roading" song?

"Off Roading" Song is sung by "Khan Bhaini" .

Who Written the "Off Roading" song?

"Off Roading" Song is written by "Khan Bhaini" .

Which Actors/Actress is Starring/featuring "Off Roading" song?

"Off Roading" Song is Starring/featuring "Khan Bhaini" in lead role.

Who is the director of "Off Roading" song?

"Off Roading" Video Song is Directed by "Sam Malhi" .

Which Music Company is released "Off Roading" song?

"Off Roading" Song is Released under the Label " Khan Bhaini " .