Nirvair Pannu – Bandook Lyrics In English (Translation)

Nirvair Pannu - Bandook Lyrics In English (Translation)

Bandook Lyrics Meaning In English (Translation) is new Punjabi song sung by Nirvair Pannu and video is starring by Nirvair Pannu, Upma Sharma. The music of this is brand new song is given by Deep Royce and Bandook song Lyrics beautifully written by Nirvair Pannu. The music video is released by Juke Dock and is directed by Yaadu Brar. Get Bandook song Lyrics English Translation along with their meaning from here.

Bandook Lyrics In English (Translation)

Gal Sun Sirre Diye Mutiyare
Nivi Paake Langdi Ae
Ainven Kyun Chori Chori Takk Ke
Tu Mitran Val Khangdi Ae

Listen, O beautiful girl with anklets
Walking gracefully with modest steps
Why do you sneak around secretly like this?
Playing hide and seek with your friends

Ho Jatt Nu Pyaar Tere Naal Sohniye
Bura Hunn Hoya Mera Haal Sohniye
Tu Kargi Kamal Sachi Patt Honiye
Hun Tera Yaar Tere Naal Sohniye

Hey, my love is with you, darling
My condition has become bad now
You’re doing wonders, truly amazing
Now I’m your friend, darling

Aashqui Ch Pair Pehlan Main Si Rakheya
Darda Si Aivein Na Main Jawan Patteya
Zindagi Da Hunn Taan Eh Route Ho Gaya
Tere Pichhe Gabru Bandook Ho Gaya

I had kept my feet in love before
I used to get hurt without any reason
Now the route of life has changed
I’ve become a gun behind you

Oh Vekhi Hunn Ik Paase Laa De Heeriye
Munde Di Haye Zindagi Banaa De Heeriye
Tere Naal Zindagi Bitauni Jatt Ne
Eh Jind Sachi Tere Naam Launi Jatt Ne
Sochi Na Main Foki Jehi Gal Karda
Tere Pichhe Jana Pal Pal Marda

Oh, now look, bring the dear one close
Let me make life for this boy
I’ll spend my life with you, dear
I’ll dedicate this life truly to your name, dear
Don’t think I talk nonsense
I die for you every moment

Oh Hor Hunn Fabbni Ni Ankh Meri Nu
Tere Jehi Labhni Ni Ankh Meri Nu
Aivein Gallan Gallan Vich Taal Naal Dayin
Sone Jeha Gabru Haye Maar Naa Dayin

Now don’t ask my eyes
Don’t find my eyes like yours
In these talks, don’t move with rhythm
This golden boy shouldn’t be defeated

Oh Mapeyan Da Ladla Ae Son Goriye
Ladaan Naal Rakhun Meri Mann Goriye

Oh, the beloved son of parents, oh fair one
I’ll fight with all my might, oh fair one

Ankh Lal Dil Naiyon Kala Jatt Da
Sachi Ni Subhah Naiyon Maahda Jatt Da
Rakhunga Bana Ke Tainu Rani Apni
Banugi Misaal Ni Kahaani Apni

My eyes are not red, my heart is not black, boy
Truly, not in the morning, not in the moonlight, boy
I’ll keep you as my queen
You’ll become an example, not just a story

Allhadan Ch Gal Uddgi Aa Muchh Di
Har Kudi Mitran Da Naam Puchh Di
Athri Di Rakhde Aan Look Balliye
Puchhi Pistol Aa Group Balliye

In the pride of my mustache, the talk will fly
Every girl will ask about the name
I keep my eyes on the charm
Ask about the pistol, it’s a deadly group

Ho Roohan Naal Karle Karaar Sohniye
Guru Ghare Lawan Layiye Char Sohniye
Udeek Diyan Pind Wali Shaa Meri Ni
Tere Bare Puchhdi Ae Maa Meri Ni

Hey, find peace with souls, darling
Make a four with the Guru in the house, darling
The fame of the village is waiting for you, my dear
My mother asks about you, my dear

Oh Naiyon Nirvair Pannu Piche Hatt Da
Rabb Wangu Sacha Ae Stand Jatt Da

Oh, Pannu doesn’t step back
Like God, my stand is true, Jatt’s stand

Ni Tu Aivein Kahnu Aadiye
Gal Karan Tu Sangdi Ae
Gal Sun Sirre Diye Muttiyare…

Don’t just say anything like that
You speak with attitude
Listen, O girl with anklets…

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Bandook Music Video

Bandook Song Credits:
Song: Bandook
Singer: Nirvair Pannu
Lyricist: Nirvair Pannu
Music: Deep Royce
Starring: Nirvair Pannu, Upma Sharma
Director: Yaadu Brar
Label: Juke Dock

Bandook Song - FAQS

Who sung the "Bandook " song?

"Bandook " Song is sung by "Nirvair Pannu" .

Who Written the "Bandook " song?

"Bandook " Song is written by "Nirvair Pannu" .

Which Actors/Actress is Starring/featuring "Bandook " song?

"Bandook " Song is Starring/featuring "Nirvair Pannu, Upma Sharma" in lead role.

Who is the director of "Bandook " song?

"Bandook " Video Song is Directed by "Yaadu Brar" .

Which Music Company is released "Bandook " song?

"Bandook " Song is Released under the Label " Juke Dock " .