Nirvair Pannu – Hype Lyrics In English (Translation)

Date: 11/12/2023

Hype Lyrics Meaning In English (Translation) from Esntls 11 (Punjabi Album): is new Punjabi song sung by Nirvair Pannu. The music is given by Prodgk and song lyrics beautifully written by Nirvair Pannu. The music video directed by Nirwair Sandhu and released by Juke Dock. Get Hype Song Lyrics English Translation along with their meaning line by line from here.

Nirvair Pannu – Hype Lyrics In English (Translation)

Hype Lyrics English Translation

Ho Yaarian Ch Jatt Ne Vi
Kamm Bade Kare Aa Ni
Jede Naal Baithe Aa Ni
Ohhi Naal Khade Aa Ni

Yeah Even In Friendships Jatts
Do Significant Things Yeah
They Sit With Those
Who Stand By Them Yeah

Ae Tan Gussa Fun Layi Aa
Sochi Na Tu Ladeya Nahi
Har Than Te Mitran Ne
Dekh Koke Jadeya

This Anger Is Just For Fun
Don’t Think You’ve Fought
Every Place My Friends
Look At Those Who Boast

Ho Sadeyan Kamma’an Ton
Billo Karli Na Judge Ni
Oh Chal Tainu Dasda
Story Billo Aaj Di Ni

From Our Actions
Don’t Judge Babe
I’ll Tell You
Today’s Story Babe

Time Paune Ath Da Ni
Billo Sade Kath Da Ni
Kadeya Main Fire Si
Purani Pak Thak Da

Our Time Is Different
It’s Our Story Babe
I’ve Sparked Fires Before
They Still Burn Brightly

Ho Kehda Saanu Dakda Ni
Ankh Kehda Chakda Ni
Suneya Jo Fire Da
Khadak Satt Lakh Da Ni

Who Watches Us?
Whose Eye Checks Us?
Heard About The Fire
It Roars Loudly Babe

Bhaalde Aa Mull Di Ladayi
Anti Dhadheya Ni
Choti De Khidari
Sare Pare Ton Vi Pare Aa

In The Battlefield Of Values
We’ve Never Surrendered
Our Small Mischiefs
Are Beyond Comparison

Chare Passe Charcha Ae
Mitran Di Taur Da Ni
Naweyan Ne Paleya
Bhulekha Sade Jorr Da Ni

Around Us There’s Talk
Of Our Style Babe
Even Surpass Us

Gadiyan Ch Yaar Ne
Te Yaaran Kolle Gun Aa Ni
Oh Pindon Uth Dekh Le
Karati Dhan Dhan Aa

Friends Have Weapons
And Guns By Their Side Yeah
Check Out Our Village
It’s Truly Prosperous

Ho Fukri Di Gall Nahiyo
Fakran Jahi Life Aa
Sadi Soch Sada Future Bright Aa Ni
Mitran Di Hype Jiwe Tyson Mike Aa
Tu Vi Mainu Das Fer Teri Ki Choice Aa

It’s Not The Talk Of Worries
It’s A Life Of Victories
Our Thinking Our Future Babe
The Hype Of Our Friends Like Tyson Mike Babe
Tell Me Then What’s Your Choice?

Oh Mitran Nu Vehal Nahiyo
Jhakeyan Te Waakeyan Ton
Ankhan Band Kar Lende
Paindeyan Patakeyan Ton

Our Friends Are Not Weary
Of Struggles And Fights
They Close Their Eyes
Against Explosions And Firecrackers

Door Rakh Kaakeyan Nu
Sade Kamm Kaar Ton
Aisi Kedi Sheh Jo
Reh Ju Door Saadi Maar Ton

Keep The Selfish Away
From Our Work Yeah
Any City That Stays Far
Is A City Forgotten By Our Attack

Ho Agge Agge Turan
Piche Piche Ture Kaal
Mere Naal Khehke Langh Je Ni
Uthda Sawaal

Move Forward Move Backward
Time Will Tell Yeah
Speak With Me
Answer The Call Yeah

Thanedaar Pehle Halle
Chukda Ae Meri Call
Kedi Maar Kedi Dhar
Goli Chale Taad Taad

The Police Are Answering
My Call Right Now
Who Will Be Able To Withstand
Our Attack?

Lelo Sarpanchi
Je Tu Aakhe Kam Lot Ae Nahi
Oh Tan Tere Yaar Di
Chadayi Billo Bahut Ae..

Take The Sarpanch
If You Say You’re Not Less
It’s A Fight With Your Friend
It’s Quite Intense

Ho Wekh Nirvair Pannu
Jandaye Jagg Ni
Group Pastol Aa
Te Life Sadi Thug Ni

See Nirvair Pannu
Roaming The World Yeah
Group Pastol Is Here
Our Life Is Thug Life Yeah

Ho Behja Behja Hundi Jyon
Faratta Kude Ford Da Ni
Gaaonda Jiwen Khadka Hunda Ae
Baaran Bore Da Ni

Fly Fly Like
The Flag Of Ford Yeah
Sings Like Thunder
It’s A Boar’s Dance Yeah

Ho Shonki Raftaar De Ni
Saare Mere Yaar Ne
Tan Hi Gaddi Dedh Sau Ton
Thalle Nahio Taar De

The Speed Of The Enthusiast
All My Friends Have It
It’s Like A Car With 150
No Brakes Below That

Tan Hi Gaddi Dedh Sau Ton
Thalle Nahio Taar De
Tan Hi Gaddi Dedh Sau Ton
Thalle Nahio Taar De

It’s Like A Car With 150
No Brakes Below That
It’s Like A Car With 150
No Brakes Below That

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Hype Song Credits:

Song NameHype
AlbumEsntls 11
Featuring Artists
LabelJuke Dock

Hype Music Video

Hype FAQs

Who sung the "Hype" song?

"Hype" Song is sung by "Nirvair Pannu".

Who written the "Hype" song?

"Hype" Song is written by "Nirvair Pannu".

Who is the Musician/Composer of the "Hype" song?

"Hype" Song music/composition done by "Prodgk".

Which Actors/Actress is starring/featuring "Hype" song?

"Hype" Song is starring/featuring "Nirvair Pannu" in lead roles.

Who is the director of "Hype" song?

"Hype" Video Song is directed by "Nirwair Sandhu".

Which Music Company released the "Hype" song?

"Hype" Song is released under the label "Juke Dock".